Emergency Blankets
Priced from (Ex GST): $ 1.99

  • Foil emergency blanket. Assists in body heat retention / rain protection, in emergency situations. Compact emergency protection. Retains / reflects back 90% of body heat emitted. Suitable for camping, endurance and or distance sporting events.
  • Item colours - Silver or gold.
  • Item material - Polyester plastic coated aluminium film.
  • Item size - 150 x 210cm. Various sizes are available; 130, 140, 160 x 210cm at an additional cost.
  • Compact size, light weight, easy to carry and quick to deploy.
  • Reusable, waterproof and windproof.
  • Packaging - Folded and packed into a polybag.
  • Decoration includes custom printed full colour card.
  • Optional extra; product comes in different sizes and is also available as a one person sleeping bag, two person sleeping bag and thermal tent.