Hat - Sombrero
Priced from (Ex GST): $ 4.00

  • Party sombrero hat.
  • Item Dimensions - 45cm diameter x 18cm height.
  • Item Material - Waxed paper.
  • Item Size - 57, 58, 59 cm hat diameter available.
  • Item Colours - Up to 5 colours per batch of manufactured hats. Each hat will be slightly different. Large selection of colours to choose your 5 colours from.
  • Ribbon included.
  • Decoration includes a patch in cotton in four colours 50mm diameter applied to hat crown. Other decoration options available.
  • Packaged - 10 hats stacked and placed in a clear polypropylene bag.

    *** Note: Price provided is for a bulk offshore purchase. Please contact our friendly sales team for a local lower minimum order quantity price or alternative option.