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Mug - Rice Husk
Priced from (Ex GST): $ 3.00

  • Rice husk mugs are produced out of the waste of rice production. After harvesting the rice husk is peeled from the rice seed and usually burnt in the field or at the processor plant. In larger manufacturing plants the burning of the husk is used to power part of the plant. More often due to environmental air laws burning of the husk is being phased out.
  • The rice husk is collected, ground to a fine fibre composite, has a naturally occurring resin added and then blown into a mould under heat and pressure.
  • Item Material - 100% rice husk fibre and natural resin / soy based pigments with silicone sleeve and lid.
  • Moulded not glued.
  • Volume - 550ml.
  • Item Dimensions - Approx. 87mm diameter x 160mm H.
  • Decoration - One colour print one position on sleeve. Other decoration options are available including embossing. Cardboard sleeve shown comes at an additional cost of 20c.
  • Item Colours - Standard is natural (mottled light brown). Pretty much any colour is available but all involve some additional cost.
  • The rice fibre and resin take up the colour differently. The colour application is not 100% consistent. Some bleeding of colour may or may not be noticeable over time. For this reason most clients refrain from colouring their mug.
  • 100% biodegradable. Over time, between 3 and 5 yrs normally, depending on use and exposure the mug will degrade. First you will notice a roughness up to the water line. This roughness will become more prominent with time until the mug either cracks or starts to absorb liquid or both.
  • Able to be placed into a dish water however this will accelerate the bio-degrading process.
  • The mug can be disposed of by removing the silicone sleeve and lid and placing it in the garden. The silicone sleeve and lid while being able to be recycled are not accepted by council recycling stations.
  • Packaged - Individually boxed and stacked in corrugated boxes.
  • Source product tested to ensure it does not have any harmful pesticide residues.

    *** Note: Price provided is for a bulk offshore purchase. Please contact our friendly sales team for a local lower minimum order quantity price or alternative option.