Car - Dash Phone Holder
Priced from (Ex GST): $ 7.00

  • Premium magnetic dash phone holder made from metal / plastic composition not 100% plastic.
  • Item colour - Silver (polished aluminium alloy).
  • Item material - Aluminium alloy and ABS.
  • Item size - 40mm diameter mounts, length 50mm approx.
  • Magnetic, phone to holder mount.
  • The 0.5mm thick 40mm diameter disc sticks to the back of your phone. The holder onto your car dash or any other surface.
  • Allows a 360° rotation.
  • Fits any mobile phone of any size.
  • Decoration includes phone disc and dash holder both with full colour print.
  • Optional extra - Various styles and packaging options available including custom printed retail style box.

    *** Note: Price provided is for a bulk offshore purchase. Please contact our friendly sales team for a local lower minimum order quantity price or alternative option.