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Responsible Sourcing

Increasingly, international sourcing is moving away from solely being a negotiation between two parties remote to the consequences it has on lives, the environment, labour, safety, local culture or first world conventions. Responsible sourcing is not the imposition of western standards onto a developing country. It is however a recognition and action that an ethical / moral principal is an ethical / moral principal regardless of where one is doing business. It transverses state lines.

We hold true to the following basic principles and take steps to ensure we are not intentionally or unintentionally contributing to a breach of internationally accepted standards on each and every sourcing transaction.

  1. Child labour laws.
  2. Fair and ethical treatment of labour, including reasonable remuneration and conditions.
  3. Workplace health and safety requirements.
  4. Acceptable ecological protection principals.
  5. Modern Slavery Act.

We provide complete transparency and operate on a collaborative basis. Our clients have the opportunity to review (under privacy, confidentiality agreement) our relevant Responsible Sourcing / Modern Slavery Act factory audit work papers. Can discuss their unique requirements and have those requirements reflected in the audit schedule.