Outsource Procurement

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Through our procurement process, we ensure that the products we source are of the highest quality and are sourced from reliable and ethical suppliers.

Three Green Procurement Process

1. Project Discussion

  1. Client brief.
  2. Product research & detailed specifications.
  3. Manufacturer & factory research, RFQ prepared.
  4. Factory consultation, operating & quality capacity review.

2. Project Plan & Order Review

  1. Client proposal prepared.
  2. Client approves product selection & pricing.
  3. Design development & final product specification confirmation.
  4. Final factory selection, manufacturing contract initiated.

3. PPS Process

  1. Pre production sample (PPS) ordered.
  2. Client confirms order & product design.
  3. PPS received & checked to specifications & in operating environment.
  4. PPS certified by Three Green.
  5. Client PPS approval.

4. Mass Production & Quality Control (QC)

  1. Production & factory QC
  2. Shipping & QC arranged
  3. Quality Control
    1. QC performed.
    2. Rework (if required).
    3. QC approval.
  4. Final payment to factory.
  5. Shipment.
  6. Delivery to client.
  7. Invoice client.

Why Work with Three Green?

Unlike other sourcing services companies, we operate differently. We work both inside and outside normal procurement channels to ensure our clients get exactly what they need for the best possible price.

Our product lines including but not limited to apparel, stationery, confectionery, hardware, automotive accessories, PPE and more. From custom branded merchandise to bespoke products we help you source specific products customised to your specifications.

We have a team of China sourcing specialists and agents that can assist you with sourcing products internationally and importing from China to Australia.

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