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Think of us as your personal procurement assistant. More than a business partner, we are a resource who works directly for you on procurement projects and tasks you determine, in formats you require and to timetables you establish. The only proviso we have is that the parameters are within what is humanly possible, safe, legal and both financially and ethically responsible.

We operate differently; whether it be inside or outside or along-side of normal product procurement channels. There is no necessity nor any incentive for you to operate within and be restricted to a catalogue(s) and the catalogue(s) set product options nor for that matter, product formats that you find on the internet.

Three Green does both the easy and hard, the small and large volume, left of field or standard items, old classics, new to market or improved formats, with any modifications you require, any decoration you desire, direct from the most relevant and advantageous factory (time permitting), at the lowest and best possible, respectively, cost and quality, with a money back guarantee.

We are professional procurement officers’ assisting an array of business departments (marketing, sales, administration, specialised procurement) across a broad spectrum of manufacturing disciplines (textiles, technology, stamped, moulded etc), for government, small medium and medium to large businesses.

We don’t operate in the areas you do well yourself. We compliment the available skill sets while not infringing on flexibility nor unreasonably restricting it, thus helping you realise creative plans. We solve problems.

Our strong preference and where we can drive out the largest amount benefit is when we go direct to a selected factory under client approved specifications to Australian retail standards. This model allows us to cut out levels of margin, complexity, rigidness and also allowing greater scope for personalisation of products.

Increasingly our business is becoming specialised in the sourcing of new, difficult to negotiate or find, comparable items to patented products and or outsourcing of procurement so as to drive down costs and or shifting of procurement risk to an external party. We have procured medical devices, organised hot embossing to soft low-density diary covers, were the first to bring in rice husk and stone paper products for non-retail purposes; to name a few.

We are universally recognised as being different. We are a small team of experienced and motivated employees who are empowered to operate independently, allowing quick response times, greater flexibility and adaptability to client requirements, while also being able to harness the skills of all members of our business, our business partners and factories.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the highest standards of professional practice (ethical sourcing, best environmental outcomes, adherence to statutory obligations e.g. Modern Slavery Act). This discipline is reflected in all outcomes and products we source.

Consistence builds trust. Producing value and quality for the respective spend, at no risk and with the minimum inconvenience and greatest customer satisfaction is our core and only focus.

Our Commitment to You

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